trivia night

Trivia Night - Wednesdays at 7PM

Meghan and Clara
RPG Trivia Masters

* Vote for next week’s trivia,

You can vote for next week’s trivia right here. Poll closes every Wednesday night half-way through trivia.

* Every Wednesday, 7PM-9PM,

Teams can be anywhere from 2-8 people. In order to maximize and stay safe please do not have a team greater than 8 people. 
* Masks encouraged when not seated.


* How do we do trivia?

Every night is 6 rounds, 10 questions a round. 20 questions will be on a theme, while 40 will be general trivia. Winner takes home a phenomenal prize pack based on the theme of the night. (Want to see past themes?


* Want to find a team? Have a question?

Click here to head right to our RPG Trivia Facebook Group where you can get even more details, ask questions, and find teammates, and vote on future trivia topics.

* first come, first served.

Come early to make sure your team has a spot. (We will not hold tables for your team if there are other teams present and needing seats.)


* Trivia is $5, waived with purchase.

Trivia is $5 per person (just like accessing our library of games), however, if you are a member then the fee is waived, just like whenever you play any of the games in our library on any other visit.


* Is this all ages?

Everything we do at RPG is all ages.


However, you should know that some questions can be on more adult subject matter (statistics of abuse, death numbers in war, things like this) and that our trivia masters are also adults who at times use adult language. 


Everyone is welcome, but we have rarely seen anyone under the age of 18 at our trivia nights and so our questions tend to be aimed at the crowd we have seen attend over the years.

Meet The Game - Facebook Live

Meet the game

* Every other Tuesday, 7:30PM-8:30PM (CST)

Every other week Meghan and Betsy will jump on Facebook Live and Youtube to teach a few games from our library.

* Ask questions, 

Throughout the evening they will be answering your questions in the Facebook, Youtube, and Twitch live chat.

* Watch later

Missed the livestream? Watch it again on our Youtube Channel or through Facebook.

* Want help with a game?

Email Meghan and Betsy at and maybe your game suggestion will be featured on the next one.

Ready to play?

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