Mac and Chicken

savory mac and cheese, grilled chicken leg, garlic

bread crumble, buttermilk onions

Waffle Fries

with ketchup, mustard, damn sauce

Roasted Vegetables

seasonal vegetables, honey mead reduction, herbs

Local House Salad (side/entree)​

Two Sisters Farm greens, honey & roasted garlic vinaigrette, pickled beets, toasted pecans, chèvre

Cheese Plate

varying local cheeses, house-made compote, grain mustard, herbs, local bread

Scotch Egg

pickled Campo Lindo Farm egg, local spicy pale ale Duroc pork sausage, charred scallion crème fraîche

Vegetarian General Tso’s

tempura cauliflower, house Tso’s sauce, vegetable fried rice, nori-toasted sesame crunch


local pork loin, sesame red cabbage slaw, fried egg, Katsu sauce

Hot Chicken Sandwich

fried Campo Lindo chicken breast, chili butter, house pickles, side of damn sauce, cabbage slaw, waffle fries (on the side)

American Smashed burger

Black Angus beef patty, American cheese, damn sauce, house pickles, shredded lettuce, fried onions, waffle fries (on the side)

Black-Bean Mushroom Burger

house made veggie patty, charred scallion crème fraîche, fried mushrooms, house pickled red onions, local greens, waffle fries (on the side)

Birria De RPG Tacos

(Can be ordered in sets of 2, 4, or 6)

braised Good Farms Black Angus beef shoulder, white cheddar quesadillas, buttermilk fried onions, chipotle crème fraîche, cilantro, consommé

kielbasa with pretzel bun


house-made Duroc pork Kielbasa, house pickles, grain mustard, BBQ sauce, local bread

Macho Nacho Grande

house tortilla chips, tex mex taco beef, cheddar cheese

sauce, habanero pico de gallo, chipotle crème fraîche

Corban Heston has a history of taking a dish you know and love and caringly enhancing it in a way you wouldn’t expect. The nuanced duet of flavor and joy he has brought to the menu and RPG as a whole makes him integral to the RPG team. Come experience some of the best food you can find in downtown Lawrence.

Corban Heston

Head Chef

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we will make sure you feel at home


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