Custom Drinks

Nat 20

Classic, Juicy, Approachable

Earl Grey and vanilla house rum, falernum, lime, pineapple, orange, ginger beer, angostura, nutmeg

Wood for Ore

Fuliginous, Velvety, Frothy

Builders Gin, lime, honey, egg white, activated charcoal

In the Billiards Room

Sleek, Silky, Modern

Xicaru Mezcal, Campari, dry vermouth, creme de cacao, lavender bitters, basil

Win Scenario

Simple, Smoky, Citrusy

Mars Iwai Whiskey, citrus simple, cherry bitters, smoked orange peel

Virginia Avenue

Herbal, Floral, Bright

Haku Japanese Vodka, honey, lemon, mead, saline, hand-blended earl grey, saffron, cacao nib shells, edible flower

Queen Side Castle

Seductive, Powerful, Unapologetic

Roku Japanese Gin, lemon, Luxardo Maraschino, creme de violette foam, Luxardo cherry

Packless M.U.L.E.

Bubbly, Happy, Unleaded (Non-alcoholic)

Otto’s CBD Cider, honey plum gomme, habanero sugar salt

Mo Cox has spent countless hours preparing your drink at RPG. On top of sourcing our mead and managing our bartenders has curated all of our high-quality cocktails. With years of experience mixing and mastering his drinks will delight your senses. Currently working on his level two Cicerone, Mo has been essential in creating one of the best bar experiences in downtown Lawrence.

Mo Cox

Bar Manager, Cicerone



Proudly pouring
Black Labs Mead

Two to three of our taps at any given time will be pouring mead from our friends at Black Labs. They are a small craft meadery out of Olathe, KS and by far one of the best meaderies in the region. Ask our bartenders for a taster of one, two, or all three.



House Wine

Pinot Noir | Chardonnay | Rosé

Crafters Union

Red Blend | Pinot Grigio

Infinite Monkey Theorem

Red Blend | White Blend

Vin Vault

Malbec | Chardonnay


Cabernet Sauvignon


Craft Canned or Bottled Beer

Go Play IPA

Avery, IPA

Dragon’s Milk White

New Holland, White Stout

Dark Amber N/A

Wellbeing Brewing Co

Coffee Cream Brew N/A

Wellbeing Brewing Co

White Russian

Left Hand, White Stout

Domestic Cans

(Modelo, Budweiser, Bud Light, Coors Light, Michelob Ultra).

Come on in to See our curated list for our current selection of mead and draft beers

Full bar with all the regular mixed drinks available

We pride ourselves in having an eclectic mix of custom drinks as well as standard fare.


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