Despite having over 1,000 board games, we didn't like leaving the fate of our staff to chance.

They are more than our staff, they are our family.



When we reopened there were a lot of changes. We could only seat at half-capacity. All our weekly events had to be cancelled. We had to quarantine games, add carry-out and delivery… and so much more.


As you all knew already RPG is not just another restaurant and bar. Our staff  also helps you navigate a library of over 1,000 board games. They support events at RPG almost nightly throughout the week, from trivia, to Adventurers League, to board game nights, member nights, and more. They make sure that our members are provided for when they come in our door… our staff does so much more than a typical restaurant and bar and has does it without complaint.

With COVID-19 we had to ask our staff to step up again and be a crucial part in all of the new changes, we required more of them than ever before to make everyone feel comfortable, sanitary, and safe at RPG.


We did not see how this was fair or right for us to ask even more of them at just $2.13 an hour.


With that: On May 20th, 2020, we made it official that all hourly staff would be paid $15 an hour minimum, and in lieu of tips and to support our staff we would be adding a 15% hospitality fee to all orders. You read that right. RPG staff is no longer reliant on tips.


This decision was not made lightly. We had been discussing making a change like this for a long time, but it became clear that if we wanted to take care of the people that take care of you we needed to make changes to help them get through 2020. We are proud of our staff and wanted them to be proud to serve you. 


We felt this was the right move and the right time to show those that work alongside us day in and day out that they are worthy of a livable wage and a stable paycheck. We hope you support this as well.


If you have questions, please email us directly at, we will be happy to answer them.


The RPG ownership team

Nate, Betsy, Meghan, and Matt

Frequently asked questions

what is a hospitality fee?

A hospitality fee is a fee added to your bill and replaces any typical tip structure. Our hospitality fee is 15% and is added pre-tax so that the fee is lower for our guests.

Where does the 15% go?

Out the gate the 15% goes entirely to our staff, allowing us to increase wages to $15 an hour. But it does not remotely cover all of our labor costs.


The math is simple. For each staff member we will need to make $100 an hour to have the 15% Hospitality Fee pay their hourly wage. That’s for one staff member, but we have cooks, dishwashers, hosts… not to mention our managers and GM.


In the end, the goal of the hospitality fee is to be a benefit to our staff, however that my look.

What does it mean for the hospitality industry to not have to rely on tips?

So much.


No longer does our staff have to cater to those that may make them feel unsafe just to secure a tip.


No longer do they lack agency when they know RPG’s policies and their own level of comfort and know that, sometimes, the customer isn’t right.


No longer do they have to make sure they work the weekends just to pay the bills. If they are only available to work Tuesdays they know that their paycheck will be the same.


They can rely on a steady paycheck week after week, and peace of mind.

Is it added to online orders?

The fee is added to all orders because our kitchen staff is working just as hard to serve you whether or not the order is for carry-out, delivery, or full service. This service fee is supports all of our staff.

does this mean you had to restructure things a bit?

If we are going to pay $15 an hour we have higher expectations from those we bring on at RPG. It means we keep our team small, but ready to jump in when needed.


It means we also removed all positions from RPG and boiled it down to two: Front of House and Back of House. One night our line cook might be doing the dishes, one night a server may be running the bar, or bussing tables, but everyone is being paid the same, no matter what the job may be.

when did this go into effect?

This officially went into effect on May 20th, 2020.

can I still tip?

There will not be any requirement to do so nor any expectation, nor will there be a line for tipping on receipts moving forward.

We realize that some of you may be frustrated that you can’t give more, and in that unique case we understand, but we hope you see how having every guest pay the 15% fee is a much greater benefit to our staff than one guest whom is willing to give more on one order, one time.

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