Dungeons & Dragons

Every Thursday, 7PM-11Pm

Proof of vaccination required for this event

reserve your spot ahead of time. Limited seating available.

* Made for new and old

Our volunteer Dungeon Masters are ready for you whether you have played for years or have never played before. New players feel free to show up at 6:30PM for a quick overview.

* Drop-in play

Can’t make it every week? Come when you can, no obligation. Bring your character back when you are ready to keep playing.


* brand new player?

Don’t worry, we have ready-made character sheets, pencils, dice, and a dice tray ready for you to play, and take home to keep.


* Younger Players

We welcome all ages at RPG. With that said; since we do go until 11PM each Thursday and have a full cocktail bar we tend to attract a crowd that is 21+. We just like giving everyone a heads up.

* Campaign/DM Choice

We are currently between campaigns at our tables. Also, some of you are regulars and so when purchasing your ticket letting us know what DM you prefer is ideal.

Know that this does not guarantee that you will be able to play in your selected option at your selected table. There is a higher likelihood you will, however, the earlier you arrive.

* weekly raffle

Each week someone will go home with a cool or unique prize.


* remember, Memberships are just $5.99 a month

Your $5 seat reservation that you paid online will be deducted from your order if you are an active member. (You must order something, however, in order for us to deduct $5 from your receipt.)


* proof of vaccination required.

Bring your vaccination card and your ID when you come for the first time and we will record your name so you don’t have to bring it again.

*As the future of COVID-19 is still unknown our volunteer Dungeon Masters are still willing to put forth the effort and take the risk of sitting at a table with complete strangers for hours at a time. To protect them and you we will require proof of vaccination prior to being seated to play.

questions about Dungeons and Dragons? email us at
dm @ rpglawrence.com

All other questions please direct to our contact form here

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