As COVID-19 has caused all of us to have to adapt RPG has been at the forefront of pivoting quickly and efficiently to not only exceed city, county, state, and national recommendations, but continually provide you with more ways to support your RPG family. Here is a list of everything we have done since March to keep our staff, our community, and you, as safe as possible at RPG.


dining? distanced.

We quickly removed our bulky menus and added a QR code to every table. We moved our entire menu online, both food and drink, allowing you to see our menu live, day by day, and order without ever touching anything but your phone. We also removed more than half our our tables, added curtains, and added sanitizer, gloves, and required masks in every area of our restaurant. Every table is heavily sanitized between guests as well.

guests? Safe.

With our President Nate being an active RN with real-world COVID-19 experience our temperature and screening processes upon entering RPG meet the standard of area hospitals to make sure we are keeping our staff and guests safe.

air? purified.

We wanted to make sure that your din-in experience felt as safe as possible, so we installed four medical-grade H13 filters into four air purifiers that can purify an entire room every thirty minutes and spaced them throughout the restaurant.

Staff? Protected.

With the significant decrease in dine-in guests and revenue we needed to act quickly to protect our staff. They keep everything going and we would be nothing without them. So it was easy for us to decide to raise our minimum wage to $15 an hour and add a 15% hospitality fee to every order to help us offset the cost. Find out more about this decision and what it means here.

Food and drink? To-Go.

Prior to March we were a dine-in only restaurant and bar. RPG has always offered more than just food and drink, we are a Downtown Lawrence experience. We have trivia, D&D, events almost every night of the week, and a library of over 1,00 board games. Well, when everything closed down we needed to figure out a way to get that experience to you. So we converted our food and drink menus to be fully “to-go-a-ble” for the first time.

Board Games? Quarantined.

Betsy, our VP of Board Game Management and Research, built an entire quarantine process with our staff, so that board games now have a three-day quarantine process between plays to guarantee a safe experience for all our guests.

chef looking at farm greens

food? locally sourced.

With the changes in supply lines and local farmers and businesses struggling the same way we were we decided in June to support those around us even more than before. At the bottom of our menu we list out all the local farmers we support on every single menu. Your dollar at RPG now goes further to support the local economy.

dining? Inside or Out.

Thanks to the city and Meghan’s woodworking expertise we were able to convert two parking spaces directly outside the restaurant into more tables than we had available inside on our main level. Still socially distanced, along with heaters, greenhouse panels, lighting, and custom high-top tables made for you to enjoy your experience at RPG, no matter what the season.

outdoor dining

1,000 board games? At home.

Since we had a library of board games that was gathering dust with the limited dine-in availability we built an entire online platform to allow you to checkout and take any of the games in our library home with you. Find out more at and take home a game tonight.

Events? Online.

Starting with our most popular night, trivia, we have moved our events online so that you can continue to have a night of escape from 2020. Find out more about our events, online or otherwise, here.

Merch? Online and shipped.

We have added not only carry-out and delivery, but an entire new merchandise store, so that you can support RPG and still sport your favorite Lawrence Board Game Bar and Restaurant. We also now sell masks, along with many other quality items, all available to be shipped directly to your home. Check it out here.

Memberships? Halved.

Our memberships are now as low as $9.99 a month and we increased the options, so you can combine your membership discounts with your ability to bring board games home. Find out more about our memberships here.

Want to support local?

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