You walk into a dimly-lit room.


As your eyes adjust, the refined and inviting space is a welcome surprise among the charming local bars and restaurants of downtown Lawrence.


You hear laughter and cheers of victory mingled with clinking glasses and orders for another round.


You smell something deliciously familiar and the warm essence of something new.


Finally, you see the faces of friends expectantly watching a rolling die.

This is RPG. A community for our community. 


A guest once said that RPG is the most relevant cultural hub in Lawrence, and we take pride in that. Our goal is to provide a place where everyone. Our staff, our guests, and our community, feels welcome, accepted, and comfortable just… being.


Why board games? 


Board games are a concept people are rarely divided on. Everyone can find something to enjoy and they can offer opportunities to build bridges across cultural, societal, and economical lines. No matter your background or lifestyle you know how to play Checkers, Connect Four, or Guess Who. With over 1,000 board games to choose from at RPG we feel there is something for everyone.

Betsy, Matt, Nate, & Meghan

Owners/Vision Architects

Back in the Summer of 2017 there was an idea. Starting with an online forum thread about the concept these old friends decided it was time to have fun at work, be engaged in their community, and give their community a place where everyone could feel at home. 

Together, on top of their day jobs and combined eight children, the two couples put their heads together to make RPG a reality. 

But without the rest of their team none of this would be possible, and RPG wouldn’t have become a place you can call home.


General Manager/Community Maestro

Birdie comes from a professional background of understanding how to get the job done and helping people do their jobs well.


She also is compassionate and understanding, always wanting to make sure the underdog is given a leg up. She started at RPG when we first opened and we knew then she would eventually lead. She quickly became a shift manager and, in the summer of 2020, became our general manager and has continued to sail the RPG ship through the pandemic and out the other side.


Bar Manager/Libation Storyteller

We knew the day she started as one of our bartenders that Py was a diamond in the rough. If you don’t know Py, you don’t know the downtown Lawrence bar scene. She is hard working, dedicated, loyal, and she understands how to craft amazing drinks that you won’t find anywhere else. When she agreed to become our Bar Manager in the summer of 2020 we could not have been more excited.


Head Chef/Culinary Composer

Jesse has been with RPG long enough for us to know he doesn’t fit any normal mold, and that’s perfect for RPG.

Jesse shows great concern for employees and staff and strives to ensure a fair and equitable workplace. He is an endless well of positivity, encouragement, and patience and truly takes hospitality to heart. He also has a great sense of pride in taking care of folks by providing great food and a sense of comfort.
Oh, and his disco-funk playlists keep the kitchen boppin’ at all times.

We are proud of his creativity, management skills, and the  cohesiveness and unity he brings to his kitchen.


Event Coordinator/Choreographer

Lyd comes with a background is hospitality, event coordinating, and bar service with over a decade of experience.


Not only does Lyd understand the dynamics of working within a full restaurant that also offers catering and private events, but they have been at the forefront of fully developing our catering and events programs and when they came on took everything to the next level.


Lyd brings the laid-back vibes along with the professional knowhow to run our events to perfection.
We are glad to see them join our team in this capacity and can’t wait to see what they bring to the table next.


Assistant Manager/ Fae Herder

Willow has been with us since day one. Starting as a server she has moved continually upward and was the backbone and support the team needed to make it through the last few years.



Willow has a clear passion for RPG beyond food, cocktails, and games and saw the potential for RPG to be the community hub we sought it to be before she ever started. She has regularly and consistently shown that she will do whatever is needed to get the job done.



If you don’t know Willow, you don’t know RPG, and we couldn’t be more excited to see what she has for our community moving forward.

our community needs you

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