About Us

Restaurant Pub and Games - Lawrence Kansas

You walk into a dimly-lit room.


As your eyes adjust, the refined and inviting space is a welcome surprise among the charming local bars of downtown Lawrence.


You hear laughter and cheers of victory mingled with clinking glasses and orders for another round.


You smell something deliciously familiar and the warm essence of something new.


Finally, you see the faces of friends expectantly watching a rolling die.


This is the vision Nate, Matt, Meghan, and Betsy had for Lawrence, KS back in the Summer of 2017. Starting with an online forum thread about the concept these old friends decided it was time to have fun at work, and give their community a place where everyone could call it home.


Together, on top of their day jobs and combined 7 children, the two couples put their heads together to make RPG a reality. Eventually discovering Dan Luckey and bringing him on board (one of the wisest decisions they made) the team has worked to exhaustion time and time again to create an experience they hope you all will enjoy.

A place you can call home.

Nate Morsches

Nate is our President and one of our owners. He is a fearless leader and the vision caster behind RPG. He is a creative problem solver and his hard work and drive has resulted in us having the business model, projections, and handbooks we have today. He is the one behind acquiring the location, funding, and licensing we needed to open as well as his networking being the reason our team came together the way it did. RPG wouldn’t be a thing without Nate. 

Matt Pool

Matt is our VP of Operations and Marketing and one of our owners. He is the one who finds the solutions to the impossible problems, who encourages the whole team, who oversees the big picture operations and when it comes down to it – one who works until everything gets done. He also knows when it is time to work and when it is time to rest and makes sure the team does also. We never would have made it this far on our journey without Matt at the helm.

Meghan Morsches

Meghan Morsches is our VP of Aesthetics and one of our owners. She is the creative individual behind the aesthetic of RPG. From hand crafting the large board game tables & building out the shelves RPG’s game library sits on to picking out the lighting, carpet, wall hangings… the list goes on and on. RPG would not look as fantastic as it does without Meghan’s touch.

Betsy Pool

Betsy Pool is our VP of Board Games and one of our owners. She assists with the voice and branding of RPG and is also our game master extraordinaire. Her passion to try new games and share them with others has lead her to spending a lot of time tweaking the library catalog and deciding on their organisation for all 1,000+ board games so that it is as easy as possible for someone new or old to find a game that fits what they want to enjoy.

Dan Luckey

Dan Luckey is our General Manager and one of our owners. He is the key that unlocked RPG to the wider downtown community and has brought so many of our team on board. As the GM he has his hands full running daily operations and doing… everything. Dan has been in the industry for over a decade and is the driving force that brought RPG’s amazing team together.

Want to work with us?

Apply Online, We are always looking for new people to join the community.