Frequently Asked questions

We know there will be a lot of questions throughout the month of June.

We will do our best to keep this updated with new questions and answers as they come up.

All memberships and subscriptions were cancelled as of June 1st. If you had an annual membership you will be refunded a prorated amount based on the remainder of your subscription and should see it in your account in 7-10 business days.

Come say goodbye! We would love to see you again, or for the first time, as we celebrate success in our mission of building community.

These are great questions that we are still working out all the answers to ourselves. As soon as we have more information we will update this FAQ and add events (if applicable) to our facebook page.

The dirt isn’t that dirty. We never really fully bounced back from covid. Our model is a model that encourages people engaging with each other, strangers spending time together and getting to know one another, face-to-face interactions… and we opened our doors six months before March 2020 and we have been fighting ever since. There were a lot of reasons as to why it was now verses, say, six months ago, or six months from now, but the reasons are the same. Our concept, while beloved by so many, didn’t survive covid in downtown Lawrence, KS. 

Maybe we could have done this, or that, or the other thing, and we could talk to you for hours about all the things we did try (ask our staff, they have been rockstars for years now as we have thrown a LOT of ideas against the wall to see if they would stick) but know that we did everything we could think of, and it still wasn’t quite enough.

In The News

Mondays – Closed

Tuesdays – 4PM-9PM

Wednesdays – 4PM-9PM

Thursdays – 4PM-11PM

Fridays-Saturdays – 11AM-Midnight

Sundays – 11AM-9PM

Happy Hour – 4-6PM, Tues-Fri

Late Night – 10PM-Midnight, Fri-Sat


our chef-designed kitchen and
fully-stocked cocktail bar
are ready for you.

plus for an optional $5 a person
you can access our entire library
of board games on your visit.


our menus are designed to make you smile.

plus make sure to take home
a cocktail (carry-out only)

and rent any of
the games on our shelves

you just brought all of rpg home
with you. damn. well done,
we couldn't be prouder.

Make your reservation today.

(outdoor and indoor seating available)

Take games home
just $15 a month

Great food and cocktails even when

you want to stay home tonight.

hey, friend, Planning a night out or at home?